Azerbaijan jazz pianist & composer

16.03.1940  was born in Baku.
1963 graduated from Baku State Musical technical school named after Asaf Zeynalli.
1965 created jazz trio "Caucasus", in the Georgian State filarmonia.
1970 Led a vocal quartet "Leyli".
1971 - 1977 Founded a vocal instrumental group "Sevil".
1977 - 1979 Led an instrumental group "Mugam". Was a laureate of the Soviet Union wide jazz festival "Tallin - 66", "Tbilisi - 78".
1978 was awarded with the first premium at the 8th international misic festival in Monaco.
1979 Was awarded an "Artist of Azerbaijan" name.

A laureate of Azerbaijan State premium (after his death). He is an author of forte - piano concerts, "Mugam" symphony and other forte - piano schedevres.

17.12.  1979 died in Tashkent. His grave is in Baku.
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